What Is a DDoS Attack?

DNS outages can happen for a variety of reasons, but there are times it is due to a direct DDoS attack. It is a flood of packets of information heading to your site that makes the server crash. You can be down for minutes, or hours. It is not always preventable and can be a frustrating part of an online business presence.

What Is a DDoS Attack?

A distributed denial of service attack is one that sends so much traffic to your site that is causes the server connection to crash. As long as you have a server that is dependable and you have opted for enough bandwidth, a DDoS attack is the most likely cause for a complete crash. It can be one of the most frustrating experiences for a website owner.

Why Would an Attack Happen?

If your site enjoys a lot of visitors, you will have an enemy or two. It is impossible to say why certain people choose to use technology to target sites for attack. It can a personal grudge, a jealous competitor or someone with nothing better to do. It is better to spend your time finding ways to protect against attack than find out why it happens, which is almost impossible to find out.

How Is the Attack Carried Out?

DDoS attacks are clever in that they are disguised in what appears to be regular heavy traffic to your site. Although the packets are being sent from one base, it appears that it is information coming from many different computers. It can be nearly impossible to detect if your site gets steady heavy traffic.

How to Recognize a DDoS Attack

Recognizing a DDoS attack can be hard. If there are times that your site is normally slow and light in traffic and you see a sudden uptick in traffic, it could be a DDoS attack in progress. Proving that it is an attack can be a whole other impossibility. If you are not normally getting traffic at the 2 am hour and nothing is on super-sale, a huge increase in DNS requests can safely be considered a DDoS attack.

How to Protect Your Site from a DDoS Attack

A lot of huge companies have a framework built that can protect the server from DDoS attacks. The problem is it can cost thousands of dollars. You are better off finding a server that allows a much bigger “superhighway” for information to travel on, which can make it harder for a DDoS attack to work. It is not 100 percent foolproof and you may experience an outage or server failure every now and again.

Contact a DNS expert today to see how to better protect your site from a DDoS attack. You can find more information online. The www.bluecatnetworks.com website may be a good place to begin your research.